Identity Matrix

How to use the definition of the identity matrix to prove the given statement: definition, 1 example, and its solution.



The identity matrix is a matrix
that satisfies
AI = IA = A.

The identity matrix is a square matrix.
(number of rows = number of columns)

The diagonal elements are 1.
And the other elements are 0.




(A + I)2 = (A + I)(A + I)

Solve (A + I)(A + I)
by using the FOIL method.

Multiply the first two matrices:
AA = A2.

Multiply the outer matrices:

Multiply the inner matrices:

Multiply the last two matrices:
+II = +I2.

+AI = +A
+IA = +A
+I2 = +II = +I

+A + A = +2A

Let's see what you've solved.
You changed the left side, (A + I)2,
to the right side, A2 + 2A + I.

(A + I)2 = A2 + 2A + I
is true.

So the given statement,
(A + I)2 = A2 + 2A + I,
is true.