Parallel Line Equation

How to find the linear equation that is parallel to the given line: definition, 1 example, and its solution.



Parallel Lines are the lines that have the same slope
and have the different y-intercepts.


The triangle symbols are used
to show that the lines are parallel.




It says the line is parallel to y = 3x + 4.

So the slope of the line you're looking for is
m = 3.

The slope, m, is 3.
And the line passes through (1, -2).

So the linear equation in point-slope form is
y = 3(x - 1) - 2.

Change the linear equation to slope-intercept form.
Then y = 3x - 5.

So y = 3x - 5 is the answer.


The left line is the given line y = 3x + 4.
And the right line is the answer y = 3x - 5.

y = 3x - 5 is parallel to y = 3x + 4.
And it passes through (1, -2).